Walk & Talk Nature Therapy

We Offer Walk and Talk Therapy, Combining Nature with Psychotherapy and Physical Activity Into a Single Healing Session.

Our Walk and Talk therapy take place in a beautiful location, surrounded by nature, often on a hiking trail where you meet one of our leading therapists. Once you meet up, our therapist will walk as much as you want to and talk as much as you need to. A typical therapy session is around an hour, so you have the option to attempt a full loop or even choose to walk part of the way or even have part of the session seated at one of the many benches along the way.

Our walk and talk therapy sessions are great for clients who want to be physically active while at the same time taking advantage of our therapy sessions. We have found that this type of therapy is very popular amongst nature lovers since it provides them an opportunity to be surrounded by nature and experience it in a therapeutic setting. The therapy session is also an excellent choice for people who tend to think better when moving, allowing them to easily describe what they are experiencing.

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Is Walk and Talk Nature Therapy Right For You?

Many scientific studies have over the years shown walk and talk nature therapy to be highly effective. It has positive effects on the brain and is especially beneficial for people who are suffering from depression. Depressed patients in our experience will turn a corner during a walk and talk nature therapy session.

Anxious and grief-stricken patients will also sometimes turn a corner because grief is a heavy emotion, and so walking, combined with being outdoors, can help overcome that burden a great deal. Substance abusers may also find our walk and talk sessions to be highly beneficial.

Each Session is About You

Whether you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, depression, or extreme stress, the walk and talk nature therapy session is designed to help you. Our therapist will talk about anything you want to and help you deal with and process various emotions during the walk. If you feel like sitting for a bit, that too is perfectly fine.

Our sessions are meant to help make it easier for clients to talk about what is causing them distress. Plus, it gives our therapists a chance to respond to some of the most pressing questions that our clients may have, especially regarding relationships and processing complex emotions.

Take Advantage of Our Walk and Talk Nature Therapy Today

Whether you live a stressful life and enjoy nature, or maybe you want to keep physically fit while being able to enjoy a unique therapeutic environment, these sessions are just for you. At times we may even recommend a few of these sessions to clients who we see need it. Regardless, it isn’t hard to notice the benefits from it sometimes, even after the initial session.

Want to learn more about our walk and talk nature therapy? Then call us today to book an appointment.