Teen Counseling

Having a Tough Time With a Troubled Teen? We Can Help You!

Teen years are often tough for an individual and his or her guardians. Many parents complain of having a terrible time coping with troubled teens. Issues often experienced with teenagers have to do with the body and mind undergoing dramatic changes, making adolescents unsure about their lives, yet they are suspicious of everyone.

Often, it is peer pressure that plays a role in shaping a teen’s behavior. Other times, it is the teen getting into the company of unsuitable individuals leading to behavior issues. If not addressed in time and by professionals, these issues can escalate from being behavioral to psychological. In many ways, teen counseling in Fort Worth is one of the best ways to avoid all of these serious issues.

Who Needs Teen Therapy?

Usually, teenagers have a hard time dealing with problems and often experiencing conflicting emotions that could leave them distributed can benefit from having a teen counselor. Teens who may have to deal with issues that aren’t strictly limited to teens can also benefit from a counselor working with them.

Teen Counseling Fort Worth, Tx

Common Issues Teen Struggle With

Some common issues that teens may need counseling with include:

  • Death of a close family member or a friend
  • Various sexual issues like homosexuality
  • Excessive aggressiveness
  • Not having a long enough attention span
  • Chronic Depression
  • Various Phobias
  • Behavioral issues rooted in peer pressure

Teenagers generally try to avoid visiting a teen counselor, often fearing that they will be laughed at by their friends if they seek counseling. However, as a parent or a guardian, it is your responsibility to explain the process to the teen so that they are convinced to see a therapist. It is essential that they understand that they aren’t crazy; in fact, Teen Counseling in Fort Worth can help them resolve the issues they are coping with for life.

The Therapy Process With Next Steps

The therapy process at Next Steps may vary depending on the issue and the teen we are working with. Every teen is different, and so is the problem that they may be facing. A Teen therapist may decide to either involve the family in a family therapy session or work solely with the teen. It isn’t uncommon to work with both groups and the teen alone for the best results.

We often include family members, i.e., parents, in a few select sessions so that parents know what’s going on with their child’s psyche. The other important thing is knowing and then liking the therapist. Teens tend to take some time to open up about their issues; others may not like the therapists. If that’s the case (that they don’t like the therapists), it is essential to try another therapists.

Allow Teen Counselor to Help Your Teen

Many of the issues that teens experience can carry on later in life, with detrimental results. That’s why it is essential to address these problems early on. If your teen is having issues, feel free to get in touch with Teen Counselor in Fort Worth to schedule an appointment.

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or are concerned about someone you know, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). For immediate crisis support, please call 911.