Individual Counseling

We Provide Individual Counseling Sessions Custom Tailored to Your Needs

At Next Steps, our therapist cover a wide array of therapeutic modalities. Stress, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders are all too common, but our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals can help walk you through the difficulties and obstacles. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the best therapeutic care possible.

As professionals who have been in this industry for a very long time, we strongly believe that individual therapy shouldn’t come with a high financial price tag. We have a team of professionals who are willing to work with you and what you can afford. In no way is the quality we provide and offer compromised just because you don’t have the required insurance plan.

Whether it is children, young adults, adults, or anyone else, we provide the type of counseling necessary to overcome a myriad of issues. At Next Steps, we provide individualized care that’s meant to meet all your needs. We’ll also prepare a treatment plan to meet your personal goals.

Get in touch with our counselors today to get started on your process of healing. It is never too late to start and we make sure to provide the resources and tools to allow you to succeed.

What Can You Expect from Our Individual Therapy Session?

We always tell clients that individual counseling is an excellent opportunity to get the personalized support you always needed to navigate the most challenging aspects of your life. When you sit for a therapy session with one of our experts, they will help you address numerous points of concern like anxiety, depression, substance abuse, anger, career, school, etc.

If it perfectly fine if you have never participated in a therapy session before because you’re always in a safe and highly comfortable environment. We create an environment or a safe space for everyone, regardless of who you are; we ensure that you’re provided the support needed, from initial introductions to the time when you schedule your next session.

How We Go About Determining Therapy Frequency and Its Duration?

As you guessed, therapy is meant for us to work with you through your mental health concerns. It is often done via counseling sessions, during which we will talk so that you can grow, heal and even move on with your life. Each individual therapy session is client-driven and is based on your goals. Clients will work with therapists to establish their specific goals.

The majority of therapy sessions will last an hour. However, the frequency mainly depends on what you’re comfortable with and your individual needs. The counselor will also base their decision on your progress. At times concerns can be resolved after just a few sessions; other times, it might take longer.

However, even after your goals have been achieved, it pays to continue with your therapy session for overall mental health improvement.

Call Next Steps To Schedule Your Next Individual Therapy Session

If you have been struggling for a while and need attention, then we can help you. Call us to schedule an appointment or do it online. Our Individual counseling service team in Fort Worth will then be more than happy to start working with you.

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or are concerned about someone you know, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). For immediate crisis support, please call 911.