Immigration Evaluations

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We Provide Immigration Evaluations Services in Forth Worth, Texas

Immigration is a stressful process, and we’re here to help you through it. There are many different types of immigration counseling available for individuals or families in Texas who need our expertise on the matter.

Next Steps Professional Counseling also provides professional immigration psychological evaluations. We collaborate with your attorney to ensure that we understand the specifics of your case and any relevant details, which can improve your chances for asylum in America.

What is an Immigration Psychological Evaluation?

The immigration psychological evaluation is a professional assessment of the mental health and capability of those seeking to immigrate into America. It’s used by courts as they decide whether or not someone should remain in our country, with appropriate accommodations made depending on what was found during testing procedures.

Why Do I Need an Immigration Evaluation?

There are many types of evaluations that psychologists must do when asked by your attorney. These can include a hardship waiver, U-Visa or VAWA evaluation for the immigration process like asylum cases require it as well so you should make sure to check on this before anything else goes down with any other professionals in their field if there isn’t time because sometimes we need every advantage possible.

The benefits of an immigration evaluation are huge. If you want to increase your chances for asylum in the U.S., then don’t just hope that it will work out–have yourself checked! In general, only about 30-35% get approved but cases with evaluations have nearly a 90%. Perhaps the best way is to have them done and get on track as soon as possible.

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What Are The Reasons I Would Need An Immigartion Evaluation?

Extreme And Exceptional Hardship

Applying for the hardship waiver can help you if separation from a relative of yours (who lives in America) would cause harm. For instance, suppose your significant other is forced to relocate but they’re your caretaker and without them, life will be unbearable? In this case, we encourage applicants who have been impacted by such circumstances as well. 

The immigration evaluation we perform is designed to inform the client about what it would be like for them if their loved ones were not there.

Political Asylum

If you are fleeing your home country because of oppression, deprivation, or persecution based on religious beliefs and political opinions this will likely qualify for asylum in the United States. The immigration evaluation can help prove that if it’s been too much psychological damage returning would cause even more harm than staying away from those who unjustly persecute us.

Spousal Abuse, or VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)

If you’re an undocumented immigrant who married a US citizen, and your spouse has been abusive towards you in the past – petitioning for legal status separate from them may be right for you. During our evaluation process, we will work hard to prove that this separation was necessary because of mental or physical abuse which necessitates it as well.


Filing for a U-Visa can help you petition to stay in the United States if you were the victim of a crime while here and are now suffering from physical or sexual exploitation. Crimes include domestic violence, kidnapping, etc., with some serious misdemeanors included as well such as rape.


The T-visa is similar to the U-Visa, but it only applies if you were trafficked into America for human trafficking purposes and would not have come here otherwise. In such case our goal will be to document the psychological and emotional effects that this has had on your life.

How do I get started?

To get started, we need to set up an appointment with you and your therapist. Next will come the clinical interview. Together with over two or three sessions if all goes well then they can help diagnose whether depression is what’s causing these issues in order for the treatment options that may work best.

How do I prepare myself?

You will need to talk with your attorney, who can go over the paperwork and documentation you have ready for us. Otherwise, we encourage you to relax while waiting patiently as our team works hard on making this process easy!

What is The Evaluation Like?

An immigration evaluation is a simple conversation between you, your family, and our Next Steps Professional Counseling counselor. You will talk with the professional for several hours in two different meetings in person, over Skype, or in phone call sessions.

Some topics we might cover include:

  • Past trauma or difficulties

  • Any previous mental health diagnoses

  • Your current situation

  • Your plans for the future

  • Your support system in the U.S.

Next Steps Professional Counseling Services’ goal is always to provide a place filled with grace so that our clients can find hope. We do this by keeping the conversation casual and comfortable; discussing details relevant for your case according to an attorney’s recommendations–these conversations are not tests but opportunities!

We can meet in person, in Fort Worth, or online across the State of Texas.

Do You Offer Counseling Services For Immigrants?

While the journey to the U.S is often difficult, Next Steps Professional Counseling Services wants you to know that we are here for all your needs in order to find hope and healing through our many client services including individual counseling or family therapy sessions with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist who will guide them towards achieving their goals. Please see our about page or contact us for more information and the insurance providers that we currently accept.

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or are concerned about someone you know, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). For immediate crisis support, please call 911.