Fort Worth Stockyards

If you’re a traveler who enjoys Western history, you’ll want to visit the Stockyards in Fort Worth. This city-defining historic district offers a wide range of entertainment and attractions, from shops, restaurants and saloons to rodeos and cattle drives.

In recent months, the Stockyards have seen rapid growth and development. Despite the change, both developers and traditionalists remain committed to preserving the area’s authentic heritage.


Fort Worth Stockyards are a unique place to visit and there is so much to do. It’s a fun place to go, whether you are a tourist or a local.

The Fort Worth Stockyards have a rich history in the cattle industry. They have been a part of the city’s history since the mid-1800’s.

They were the last stop on the Chisholm Trail where drovers would take cattle from Texas to Kansas rail lines.

The Stockyards have had a few struggles in their past but they have been resilient and are still thriving today! There is a tug of war between tradition and progress that has been going on for a while but now new forces are coming into the neighborhood that are bringing the culture of the Fort Worth Stockyards back to life. Learn more Information

Cattle Drives

Cattle drives are a great way to get a taste of what it was like to live out in the wild west. They involve moving a large number of cattle from one feeding ground to another.

Historically, cowboys had to travel with many horses and crews of 10 or more men in order to make these journeys. While this can seem romantic, it was a hard job that was often dangerous.

Cattle drives were a popular way to move herds to market or shipping points, as well as to find fresh pasturage. They were also a powerful economic force in Texas. Learn More About Fort Worth Water Gardens.


Fort Worth Stockyards is home to a variety of entertainment options for visitors and locals. From rodeos to live music, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a unique cowboy experience, the Stockyards Championship Rodeo is an exciting activity to attend. This year-round rodeo features bull riding, tie-down roping, team roping, barrel racing and bronc riding.

The Cowtown Cattlepen Maze is another fun activity to take part in at the Fort Worth Stockyards. The maze is a wooden labyrinth that spans 5,400 square feet and is a challenge for both kids and adults to complete.

You can also go on a guided tour of the Fort Worth Stockyards and learn about the history of this iconic destination. The 90-minute walking tour is an affordable way to enjoy the history and culture of this historic area.


Whether you’re in town for an extravagant date night or to enjoy a margarita on the rooftop, Fort Worth Stockyards is home to some of the best restaurants in Texas. There’s something for everyone, from upscale steakhouses to classic Tex Mex spots.

Take your pick from elegant French cuisine at Saint-Emilion, a Provence-esque bistro with a cozy house vibe. Or, for a truly memorable meal, book a table at Chef Tim Love’s Western themed Lonesome Dove Western Bistro.


The Fort Worth Stockyards is one of the most iconic places in the city. The historic district is surrounded by cowboy culture and features famous boot-making companies, western-themed stores, stagecoaches, museums, cattle drives, rodeos and kid’s activities.

You can also shop for clothes and accessories in this unique shopping district. You can also find the first Lucchese Custom Collection boutique in the world, offering custom boots and clothing for men and women.

There are several other shops in the area, including Cavender’s Western Wear and Ariat.

Mule Alley is the newest redevelopment in the historic Stockyards and a great place to shop for anything you may need. This redevelopment of long-abandoned horse and mule barns brings the neighborhood back to life.