When it comes to the counseling and psychotherapy field, while a therapist typically has more training than a counselor in this area of expertise, counselors are qualified for both. In some cases, when therapists provide therapy they may be doing so only with certain situations or conditions but can still function as an effective counsellor which is just what you need if your problems don’t fall into their scope of practice such as addiction treatment.

People are always looking for a way to change their lives. That’s the idea behind therapy – investing in yourself, so that you can live your best life possible and improve how you make decisions going forward. Their skills will help you make better, more informed decisions in the future when it comes to solving your problems and making good choices for yourself.

Finding a therapist who is compatible with your needs can be difficult. A lot of research and looking around on the internet might help you find what kind of therapy will work for you, but there’s always an option to give all therapists call before deciding which one suits best. Checking out their website or reading about them in some reviews may reveal more information that could prove helpful if it seems like they are not quite right for you.

Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is one of the most common types of therapies because it’s all about recognizing your thoughts and becoming aware. It not only helps you process what happened but also can be used to help treat anxiety, depression, addictions etc.

Yes, psychotherapy is effective- in one large study of 2400 people receiving therapy once a week, about 50% showed significant improvement after two months and 75% had shown improvements at six month intervals.