EMDR/Trauma Therapy

Next Step's Professional Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy for Trauma & PTSD

EMDR therapy is one of the most effective ways of treating trauma for many victims. It takes a phased, focused approach by reconnecting the client to images, emotions, and self-thoughts in a safe way. It allows the victim to feel the sensations and emotions needed to heal; in fact, it empowers the brain to heal by finding an adaptive resolution.

EMDR therapy has worked for countless individuals because it helps by giving the brain the needed stimuli to start healing itself. The healing process is facilitated using bilateral stimulation, allowing the client to re-experience that trauma but within the safe confines of the therapist’s office. So, the client is aware that they are safe.

EMDR Therapy is Amongst the Most Effective Trauma Treatments

The EMDR Institute, Inc states that some studies of EMDR therapy show that around 90% of single trauma victims don’t experience post-traumatic stress after just three 90-minute sessions. Another study funded by HMO Kaiser Permanente found that up to 100% of single trauma victims and around 77% of those who had suffered multiple traumas had recovered from PTSD after six sessions of 50 minutes each. A study of combat veterans found that 77% of them were PTSD-free after just 12 sessions.

Trauma Therapy Fort Worth

We Customize EMDR Sessions To Your Needs

Everyone who comes to us is dealing with a different type of trauma. Even combat veterans don’t experience the same type of PTSD because the trauma(s) they experienced was very different. That’s why it is so essential that the EMDR sessions are customized to meet victims’ needs, especially the trauma they experience.

At Next Steps, we work with clients to come up with the best strategy for each session. It can often take multiple sessions with a client for them to overcome the trauma that’s affecting their lives. However, once they do, they report a dramatic change in the way they live, which for us is a win.

We Sometimes Pair EMDR with Therapy

EMDR therapy isn’t the only form of treatment for people dealing with anxiety, trauma, or PTSD. Just because a client may be undergoing EMDR does not mean that another therapeutic technique can’t be used to help with the process of healing.

The additional counseling that we decide on is often based on each individual’s case. It is usually chosen after consultation with the client to ensure that it meets their goals and personal needs.

If you are a victim of trauma or are experiencing PTSD and would like to discuss your case, do not hesitate to reach out to Next Steps today.