Depression Counseling

Are You Suffering from Chronic Depression? Then Next Steps Might Be Able to Help You.

Almost everyone feels depression every now and then. Depression will often kick in when we are doing something new or are faced with a new challenge. It is natural to be a little fearful; it is a common reaction to many of life’s stresses. However, what’s alarming is when depression become chronic, and you can’t seem to shake the uncontrollable feeling for days on end, that’s when you need to get help. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that about 16 million American adults have had at least one major depression episode in their life time. Our therapist, and clinical social workers, have experience in diagnosing and treating individuals with depression and mood disorders. 

At Next Steps, we have a team of professional and experienced depression therapists who can help. We help you find the root cause of the issue, and if one cannot be found, then explore and consider other factors which may be triggering these depression attacks or feelings of being worried. We can help by creating a treatment plan once we have a deeper understanding of what’s causing the problem.

Depression & Counseling Fort Worth, Tx

Signs of Depression

  • Hopeless outlook
  • Lost interest
  • Lack of sleep
  • Increased fatigue and sleep problems
  • Changes in appetite and weight
  • Thoughts of dying/suicide
  • Poor self image

Do You Need Depression Therapy?

The common perception is that depression is bad, but it serves a purpose. It is your body’s response to stress and allows you to act quickly when there is an emergency to protect yourself from danger. In many instances, depression also helps you work harder and allows you to stay focused while helping in otherwise tense situations.

For depression we are also mindful of how it can effect your entire life whether it’s at work, school, or with your significant other, if not treated it can lead you downhill. This is why we work closely with our patients in order to restore your motivation, energy levels, and your mood.

How We Treat Depression?

Understanding that depression is a disorder that can be treated is essential. At Next Steps, we have a team of highly experienced depression therapists who can help to treat more than just the symptoms. We help our patients gain insight into what is causing the issue and then help remedy it during our sessions.  

If you need help dealing with controlling and remedying your anxiety depression, do not hesitate to contact Fort Worth Therapists. We’ll be more than happy to schedule a session to start working on fixing the problem.

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or are concerned about someone you know, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). For immediate crisis support, please call 911.