What to Expect from Christian-Based Marriage Counseling?

What to Expect from Christian-Based Marriage Counseling?

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people who are committed to each other for the rest of their lives. In order to make this commitment work, both partners need to be willing and able to contribute positively towards making it successful.

It has been said that “behind every successful man stands a strong woman”. This statement holds true in marriage as well. A successful marriage is not a one-man show. It takes two people working together to make it work. When things start going bad in a marriage, the first step that most couples take is to go see a counselor.

But what should you expect from Christian-based marriage counseling?

Expectations of Marriage Counseling Based on Christian Principles

Marriage is difficult. It takes work and effort to make it successful, but if you’re struggling in your marriage then seeking out counseling could be a good idea for both parties involved!

Here are some things to expect when engaging in Christian marriage counseling:

Values and Faith According to the Bible are Expected

People’s identities, relationships with others, the world, and God are determined by their values. In counseling, the counselor will help you and your spouse to identify your shared values. The Bible is full of scriptures about marriage, family, and relationships that counselors can share with you both.

Counselors who adhere to Christian principles will encourage you to strengthen your relationship with God as well as with each other. You are likely to be held accountable for your actions and decisions. Both you and your spouse will be instructed to put God first in everything that you do, say, or think.

You’ll Have the Chance to Know Yourself Better

In marriage, the greater emotional connection often comes from self-awareness, clear communication, and the willingness to learn more about your other half. Counselors who adhere to Christian principles will encourage you to work as a team. In this way, both of you can become better spouses and parents by knowing yourself more deeply —your strengths and weaknesses —and communicating openly with your spouse about them.

The encouragement that comes from feeling supported within the context of God’s love for each person is powerful. You’ll be able to persevere through the challenges of marriage because you realize that God is with you.

You will be Asked to Confront Problems and Issues

The understanding of how each partner struggles to connect emotionally and how to do so is vital, however, the desire to enact changes in their own behavior and perceive things in a positive way is equally important. This is done in a safe and confidential environment that allows for growth.

Expect Honesty to be Challenged by Christian Marriage Counselor

Truth is the foundation of freedom. Without it, there is no freedom. In Christian counseling, this foundational truth is honored. It means that all aspects of your life will be addressed in the counseling setting—including areas where you are not yet honest with yourself or God. This can be a difficult process, but it is also liberating.

The marriage counselor isn’t there to judge you but to help you see yourself and your spouse more objectively. It is the hope of the counselor that, through this process, you will come to a place of repentance and restoration.

Confidentiality is Protected in the Christian Marriage Counseling

The counseling relationship is confidential. This means that what is discussed in counseling sessions stays between you and the counselor. Of course, there are some exceptions to this. If the counselor believes you or someone else is in danger, they might have to break confidentiality and tell a third party such as an employer, family member, or law enforcement agency.

The counselor will also share with your spouse what you reveal about yourself during counseling sessions. This means that if one of you has violated marital boundaries by having an affair, for example, the counselor might share this information with your spouse in order to help him or her understands why you behaved the way you did.

You will be Asked to Work on Your Relationship with God by the Ministry

One of the most important aspects of Christian-based marriage counseling is working on your relationship with God. This involves understanding how you relate to Him, what role He plays in your life, and how you hope to grow in your faith.

Christian counselors might also ask you to commit to prayer and meditation in order to help set goals for the future of your relationship, along with encouraging healthy communication and conflict resolution skills that are rooted in a deep understanding of God’s principles regarding marriage.

Christian Counseling and Marriage

When looking for a Christian counselor, it’s important to find someone who has experience in marriage counseling. The focus of the therapy will be on repairing and strengthening your relationship with God as well as each other.

Marriage counseling that is based on Christianity can provide you and your spouse with the tools necessary to not only survive difficult times but also thrive in your relationship. You can expect to learn about God’s plan for marriage, how to apply biblical principles to your own situation, and how to communicate more effectively with each other.


God’s love and grace have the power to change you so that your view on life changes. As an individual who is being changed by his or her faith in this way rather than trying to force someone else into conforming with what they think should be done because of fear–you will find yourself experiencing more positive emotions over time instead of negative ones!

This type of therapy will help you understand your spouse more deeply and give you guidance on how to make your relationship stronger. It’s important that both partners come together willingly because it can be very difficult if one person does not want help or change their perspective about their marriage.

In short, Christian marriage counseling helps couples learn how to love selflessly —and then share that love with one another and their children by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you would like to learn more about our services get in touch with our Christian counselor at Next Steps today!


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